According to history all the events described below are around 700 to 800 years old.

Incidents related to Veerakyatharaya and Veeranagamma
           Reference: Mahasati Shivasharane Shri Veeranagamma Devi, Author: Dr Rajanna Hunisepalya, M.A, M.Ed, M.Phil, P.H.D

Shri Veerakyatharaya was born in Warangal city. His parents were great devotees of lord Shiva. His father was Shri Baichappa and mother Shrimathi Padumaladevi. Veerakyatharaya had two younger brothers Hulipemmigaraya and Uddhigaraya. Veerakyatharaya was married to Shrimathi Malladevi. Veerakyatharaya son was Shri Naganna. Naganna was married to Shri Veeranagamma. Veerakyatharaya was born to dismantle the demon acts of Nelamangala's Kunchagarabaicha.

According to historians around 700 years ago in Bengaluru rural district of Nelamangala there was a palyagara[ruler of the province] called Neelavati Kunchagarabaicha. He had defeated all the neighboring rulers. He announced that within the 56 province there was not a single person who could defeat him. He attacked the villagers and captured them. If anyone protested against his cruel act then he would cut their tongue and made it as his footwear.

The King of Penagonda Jagadevaraya had attacked Kunchagarabaicha but was defeated in the battle. He then went back and asked his Daivagnyas the reason behind this defeat. The reason was that Kunchagarabaicha was a worshipper of Goddess Shakti, and he would be killed by a person who would be in his mother's womb 12 years. That was the reason that no one was battling against him.

Watching all these incidents through his yogic eyes Lord Parameshwara decided to end these cruel acts. Observing the dedication, devotion, and the love towards truth of Baichappa Eeshwara decided to take incarnation. Baichappa was married to Padumaladevi daughter of Undettaraya. One day when Padumaladevi was returning home from Warangal city, after selling milk and curd Lord Eeshwara made his presence and gave a boon to her that, she will give birth to a brave son.

Warangal was ruled by King Prathaparaya. He and his few pupils did not have children. He invited few Siddanti's and asked them to suggest a solution. They suggested him to sow pumpkin [Kannada: Jenu Kumbalakayi] and eat the yielding fruit, for them to get children. The king followed the words of Siddanti's. The king and his childless pupils sowed pumpkin.

The pumpkin creeper grew very healthy but did not yield any fruit. But only pumpkin creeper sowed by Padumaladevi yielded fruit. Listening to this Prathaparaya was surprised. He sent his soldiers to pluck the fruit and bring it to him. Padumavva [also Padumaladevi] praying Lord Parameshwara she herself plucked the fruit and prepared pachadi out of it. This was distributed to everyone. This way everyone had children. All the pupils of the country honored and praised Padumavva for her devotion and truth. Lord Parameshwara made his presence once again for Padumavva and informed her that she has to carry her son for 12 years in her womb and disappeared.

Padumavva also had a piece of pumpkin fruit. Even though Padumavva was pregnant she did not give birth to the child for 12 years. Listening to this king Prathaparaya was very surprised and asked his Joyisa [people who predict future] whether this was a good or bad indication. For this the Joyisa replied that "Oh King, Padumavva was carrying a brave and strong son in her womb, who will be your enemy and will have the ability to rule the whole province."

The king was very upset and talked to his ministers regarding this. Then he called the maternity nurses and instructed them to kill the baby of Padumavva as soon as she gave birth. For this the nurses asked for metallic nails to be prepared for them.

This was observed by Lord Parameshwara through his yogic eyes, and informed Padumaladevi regarding the upcoming hurdle in her dream. He also informed her that the child will not take birth from front, but instead will come out of her spinal. And the brave son did take birth along with sword. As soon as he took birth he teared down the ears and nose of the nurses who were sent to kill him. The child was named as Veerakyatharaya. After few years Padumaladevi gave birth to two more sons known as Hulipemmigaraya and Uddhigaraya. Veerakyatharaya learnt all the 64 types of education and mastered them. Prathaparaya died in an accident and the citizens decided to crown Veerakyatharaya as there king Veerakyatharaya was married to Malladevi. Veerakyatharaya ruled the kingdom with truth and justice. Also he fought a number of wars with the Muslim invaders and defeated them. But still Veerakyatharaya was not happy with all bloodshed. Veerakyatharaya then decided to leave the province.

He then travelled towards south. On the way he met 48 Kunchitiga groups who came from the city of Dwaraka. He then became the leader of the entire group. Then they travelled to Kadhari through Anegondhi. On the way he built many forts and villages. At last he came to Pemmigadevarahalli and settled. He built forts and made cattle rearing as the main occupation.

There was a big bush where the cattle went for rearing. One among the cow was going inside the bush and returning with no milk inside it. Observing this the shepherds cut down the wild bush and they found a termite mound (Kannada: Hutta). Immediately they decided to demolish the mound. They started demolishing it with tools. This activity was observed by Veerakyatharaya suddenly he observed that blood started pouring down. Observing this Veerakyatharaya started obliging about this activity due to misunderstanding. Veerakyatharaya requested the person to introduce himself.

Observing this Raamesha introduced himself to Veerakyatharaya that he was the one who gave boon to his mother that a brave son will be born in her womb after being for 12 years. Hearing this Veerakyatharaya built a temple over there and allotted two villages for the sake of temple improvement and started continuing his journey further south.

At that time there was a cunning provincial ruler of Thumbaadi known as Mallanayaka. He was ruling under the king of Penagonda. He was complaining against Veerakyatharaya to the King. Mallanayaka's daughter was in love with Veerakyatharaya who was believed to be an incarnation of Lord Nandeeshwara. Mallanayaka was forcing Veerakyatharaya to marry his daughter. Veerakyatharaya replied that a devotee like him would never grow a relationship with a non vegetarian like Mallanayaka. Listening to the complains of Mallanayaka the King of Penagonda order Veerakyatharaya to bring him tiger's milk everyday otherwise he would be sentenced to death. Veerakyatharaya followed the orders of King and brought tiger's milk every day. After few days Mallanayaka complained the king that the milk brought by Veerakyatharaya was of cow and not tiger. To prove this Veerakyatharaya rears a tiger group to the capital of Penagonda, also sows jowar and growing it within seven days. The people of Thumbaadi who tried to spoil the jowar crop will get blind eyes, and beg Veerakyatharaya to return back their eyes. Veerakyatharaya will return back their eyes.

The king of Penagonda will become aware of his mistakes made due to listening to complains of Mallanayaka and asks Veerakyatharaya to ask something in return to his mistakes. Accepting the kings request Veerakyatharaya throws the Kanni [thread weaved for cows] and gets allotted the piece of land till where the thread falls. Then he builds a village over there and names it as Thaadi. Till today that village is named as Thaadi. Annual festival is celebrated on Ugadi in the name of Nagamma, the daughter-in-law of Veerakyatharaya at Thaadi.

Veerakyatharaya continued his journey and came to Vaddagere, where he built many forts and continued his good deeds. But Mallanayaka did not stop his cunning acts against Veerakyatharaya. He tried to kill Veerakyatharaya but failed to do so. Mallanayaka was killed by Veerakyatharaya in a one to one combat. Thumbaadi too came under the rule of Veerakyatharaya. Veerakyatharaya had a son named Veeranagappa. Veeranagappa was also as brave, truthful and devotional person like his father Veerakyatharaya. Veeranagappa was married to Veeranagamma daughter of Hosakere Bommalingappa. Veeranagamma was born due to the boon of Goddess Parvathi.

After few days the Penagondaraya allotted Veerakyatharaya to defeat Kunchagarabaicha of Nelamangala. Penagondaraya came down from his thrown and sat in front of Veerakyatharaya holding his hand informed him that "Kunchagarabaicha defeated people and cut down there tongue to make his shoe, you need to demolish him and bring an end to his cruel acts, and who else can do this? You are the only person who has the ability to do complete this task".

Veerakyatharaya agreed to request of Penagondaraya and travelled to Nelamangala. Veerakyatharaya along with his soldiers came to Nelamangala and started planning there next moves. The guards of Nelamangala palace observed this and informed to their king that a big business man has arrived.

Kunchagarabaicha himself arrived near Veerakyatharaya and asked him who was he? And what was the reason he arrived here? Seeing Veerakyatharaya, Kunchagarabaicha taught in his mind that this person is no common man and was strong and brave. Kunchagarabaicha then started telling his victories against many rulers and then he cut their tongue and made them as his shoe, and received many titles. Kunchagarabaicha taught by hearing this Veerakyatharaya would praise him.

Veerakyatharaya started talking to Kunchagarabaicha that "You drop down all your titles and prepare copper tools and utensils as he says, else he would hit his head throw it away".

Kunchagarabaicha falls to the feet of Veerakyatharaya and dropped all his titles as instructed. But still Veerakyatharaya decides that he needs to somehow kill Kunchagarabaicha. Veerakyatharaya instructs Kunchagarabaicha to prepare a five faced copper bell for the worship of Lord Parameshwara within three days.

Kunchagarabaicha started preparing the bell. Veerakyatharaya was visiting him to observe the work progress and through his powers made the copper bell to liquefy. Due to this Kunchagarabaicha was not able to complete the instructed work. Since the work ordered was not completed Veerakyatharaya cut down the head of Kunchagarabaicha from his wheel. Then Veerakyatharaya held his sword and opened the door and went away. Veerakyatharaya then got the kingdom from Penagondaraya, with defeat of Kunchagarabaicha of Nelamangala he became a very powerful king. After completing the reason of his birth Veerakyatharaya reached Kailasa.

After this Veeranagappa continued the good works of his father Veerakyatharaya. Even if the enemy dies the enmity won't die. Looking for the right time two wrestlers of Thumbaadi attacked Veeranagappa when he was alone and killed him, also they were killed by Veeranagappa. Thirsty Padumavva and Veeranagamma when they dig the sand in their farm they found blood instead of water. They taught this might be some bad sign. When they returned to home Veeranagamma found her husband dead. Since Veeranagamma was a model wife she entered into the fire along with her husband's body. By this Veeranagamma became a courageous wife. People praised Veeranagamma and built temple in her name. Veeranagamma too started protecting her devotee.

Even today on the day of Ugadi there will be grand celebrations in remembrance of Veeranagamma. Her devotees arrive from various parts of the country for blessings of Veeranagamma. Due to continuation of the enmity from the people of Thumbaadi till the end and there cruel act the devotees of Vaddagere Veeranagamma even don't drink a single drop of water in and around Thumbaadi. Also there are sayings that mothers won't even feed milk to their children in and around Thumbaadi.

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